Touchtone Technologies, Inc.

Operator Services

In today’s difficult times, the need to have a partner who understands the changing environment has never been more important. Knowledge and understanding of the operator services market is the reason why TTI has been the one constant for the past ten years.  TTI has been recognized as a “Top Business Partner of MCI-Verizon” and this recognition and market positioning is a result of the level of expertise that TTI has both at the carrier and owner levels.

TTI provides domestic and international operator services on to the traditional markets including hotel, hospital and correctional facilities as well as dial around products. TTI has also been the provider of Alternate Billing Services for many U.S. based Operator Services Providers due to the ease and simplicity of the Operator Xfer platform. TTI offers a complete solution that allows carriers, owners and operators to receive as much compensation as possible while providing the most comprehensive service available.

TTI’s most advanced offering offering, TTI Collect 2 Cell, (patent pending) is the most advanced and innovative billing platforms in the industry for collect calls to cell phone. For the most up-to-date rate filings or a detailed proposal send a request to or call 1-914-763-9351.