Touchtone Technologies, Inc.

TTI Collect 2 Cell

TTI Collect 2 Cell
TTI’s Collect 2 Cell (patent pending) is the most advanced billing option in today’s operator services market place. The service allows carriers to process calls that are normally considered un-billable and incorporates unique billing and payment options that have benefits for both the provider and the billed party. The platform has tremendous flexibility, and provides customized solutions which have developed into a new found source of profitability for network providers and added benefits to callers.

With the increase of cellular phones in the United States, more and more users are attempting to make collect calls to cellular phones. TTI Collect 2 Cell was designed using a fully automated process to process these calls to cellular phones using SMS invoicing

How it Works:
Using ANI recognition, your customer will be greeted with a professionally recorded welcome prompt in their own language. They will then be asked for the number they wish to call and the called party will be given an option to accept the call. The acceptance process includes rates, billing information and a recorded confirmation that is stored in the form of a waive file. These waive files are available on our IVR platform for playback making billing disputes easy to manage through automation. After the caller has entered their billing information, an SMS text message is sent to the billed party and the data is stored for future transactions.

To make a call dial 1-888-884-2235 (1-888-TTI-2-Cell)